Vinyl Flooring Collections from Beauflor Cushion Vinyl

Beauflor Cushion Vinyl is now considered as one of the leading manufacturers of cushion vinyl flooring on the market today. Through their state of the art technology in manufacturing and producing their cushion floors, they made a name on the industry as one of the trusted providers of high quality and authentic vinyl floors. Through the wide range of design portfolio and natural-looking woods that almost look like solid wood flooring, Beauflor Cushion Vinyl can be the perfect solution to all your flooring needs.

There are 5 different products offered by Beauflor Cushion Vinyl and under these products are different collections as well. One of their products is the 5 Meter Width vinyl flooring. Together with cutting edge technology solutions, this type of vinyl will surely give your house a classical look. Under this product, other collections like Sandro, Supreme, Penta, Pietro and Antonio are also included. They all have different looks and characteristics, but they are under the same category.

The next product is the Commercial collection of Beauflor Cushion Vinyl. As the name of collection suggests, it is a compilation of different engineered wood flooring. Beauflor added the “Pro” label on this collection because it is sustainable, functional, durable and versatile, which is perfect for commercial flooring. You can use these for offices, retail, leisure, hospitality and others.

Another product of Beauflor is the 4 Meter Classics. Most people might say that it is just a standard type of vinyl flooring, but when you see the wide range of collections under this category, you will certainly understand why Beauflor stands at the top of the competition. The colours, resistance and designs of these vinyl flooring collections are exceptional. Even with a standard width, this collection surely provides a sense of sustainability and a touch of classics.

The 4 Meters Deluxe Range is more like the classics, but this collection combines the modern trends and the timeless quality into one. If you prefer the modern trends with a touch of timeless designs and quality, this is the best collection that you can consider. This type of cushion vinyl flooring will definitely offer a unique sense of novelty to your homes.

The last product that they are offering is the Trendy collection. This is composed of all original and bold creations from Beauflor. If you want the best and the unique designs, you will probably find it here.

For more information about Beauflor's range of cushion vinyl take a look at their website.

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